Thanks are due to the many, and I can't hope to cover off everyone who's helped along the way. But a few should definitely get a shout out.

My family have been very supportive, especially when I take over the main table in our family room for recording sessions. My wife Tamsin cautions me against sounding like a pompous Englishman, which is always good advice. My eldest, Jamie, would like to play more hip hop, which I sometimes now do. My last born, Alex and Scott, share my musical tastes and sometimes alert me to emerging artists, which is highly useful. Their friends have started listening, which is nice. Toby, our cocker spaniel is the least keen on his dad's podcast project as it delays his Saturday walk.

To Kristen, for help with embedding. To Stuart, for help with the RSS feed. To Blair and Locki, for the very entertaining meme.

Thanks to everyone at Friends of Sombrero Fallout (if you're not a member and would like to be, please sign up on Facebook). Your commentary has been extremely encouraging.

To all the bands and musicians, this is a tribute to all the pleasure you've given us over the years. To Codeine for being cover stars. To Broken Social Scene, for use of their track Cause=Time as the Sombrero Fallout theme music.

To Richard Brautigan, who wrote Sombrero Fallout.

And lastly to my old friend Andy Bell (1963-2017) who, like Richard Brautigan, sadly died alone in western America. Andy wouldn't have loved every track - which of us does, apart from me? - but his friendly, questioning spirit remains an inspiration in each episode I make.