List of Episodes

Episode One.           British Female Post Punk Icons

Episode Two.           Sci Fi

Episode Three.         The Kraftwerk Legacy

Episode Four.           Short Stories in Songs

Episode Five.           A Short History of Paranoia

Episode Six.             The Sound of Young Glasgow  

Episode Seven.         1978: The Year Post-Punk Broke  

Episode Eight.          Politics and Protest

Episode Nine.          Brothers and Sisters

Episode Ten.            Regrets - I've Heard A Few

Episode Eleven.        Long Songs, Volume One

Episode Twelve.        The Alternative Ashes

Episode Thirteen.     LA and Hollywood

Episode Fourteen.     A Merry Little Alternative Christmas

Episode Fifteen.        Festive Twenty 2017, Tracks 20-11

Episode Sixteen.        Festive Twenty 2017, Tracks 10-1

Episode Seventeen.    A Tribute to Mark E Smith of The Fall (5/3/57-24/1/18)

Episode Eighteen.      The Legacy of The Fall

Episode Nineteen.     Male Songs, Female Covers

Episode Twenty.        Dream Pop

Episode 21.               Sheffield

Episode 22.               Soundtrack Songs 

Episode 23.              Songs Under Two Minutes 

Episode 24.              Warp Record Label

Episode 25.              25th Special Requests Edition

Episode 26.             The Natural World

Episode 27.             The Sound of Young Melbourne

Episode 28.              Slowcore

Episode 29.              The World Cup of Music

Episode 30.              Indie Football Classics

Episode 31.              1979: Peak Post Punk, Part One

Episode 32.              1979: Peak Post Punk, Part Two