Episode 27 - The Sound of Young Melbourne

Melbourne has no Harbour Bridge. No Taj Mahal. No Leaning Tower.

But it does have the things which make life worth living. The world's most liveable city, sure, but cliches have to come from somewhere. For now, at least, it remains supremely livable. A legitimate question is how do another million people get absorbed into a city which has shown little flair for forward thinking sustainability in the past? For now, though, yes, livable.

Or at least in the eyes of businessmen seconded to the city, which is what The Economist measures. Yet it truly is the home of good food, good music and as much sport as you can handle. When in doubt, build a stadium.

And, good music. 

I'm a relative newcomer to the city, thirteen years in. But there's always been a vibrant music scene, and, as mentioned in the transmission, I vividly recall as a teenager using up one entire lunch break in my store walker job to hunt out The Friend Catcher by the Birthday Party. I found it in the tiny Virgin Store, dwarfed by the corporate HMV behemoth, but home to the cool elite of Coventry. Ahem.

So, here we are, with a sampler of what's bubbling up in Melbourne right now. Some amazing music here. My especial thanks go, not just to the groups concerned, but to Joanne and Luke, my co-curators. What it lacks in 64-track polish, these songs more than make up for in what makes Melbourne great (apart from the avocados, the Sherrin and the coffee beans). A passion for sound.


Fitting In Well, The Girlatones

All I Must Do, Blond Moss

Hija Comunista, Trouble Peach

Communist Daughter, Neutral Milk Hotel

Barrage, Creek

Got To Go, Sal Wonder

Breathe On Mars, Sonic Moon

Sunken World, The Tall Shores

The Friend Catcher, The Birthday Party

Bliss Born, Cope and Drag

Wategos, Doona Waves

Collider, Super Symmetric

Rockley Gardens, Closet Straights